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Mylène Lavoie, MBA


Human Resources 


After earning a bachelor’s degree in microbiology/immunology and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), Mylène started her career in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, specializing in international business development. She has developed specific skills in strategic planning, market development, event planning and organization, and alliance and partnership development.

Since the creation of Novo Management in 2011, Mylène has also developed an expertise in human resources, working closely with managers struggling to fulfill workforce shortages.
Her wide range of practical management skills give her a broad vision of the realities experienced by business managers.


Mylène focuses on results, and her superior organizational skills allow her to manage many files at once while meeting deadlines. Dynamic and approachable, Mylène advocates openness in her interactions, which helps build trusting business relationships.

Louis-Philippe Bombardier, ing, MBA




With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), Louis-Philippe began his career as a service engineer for international accounts. Since 2007, he has specialized in project management. In this capacity, he has supervised multidisciplinary teams of engineers, technicians, specialized workers, and administrative staff.
Focusing on the optimal use of resources, Louis-Philippe has managed many major projects that have come in on time and on budget. One of his strengths is listening to customers to ensure their satisfaction.
Louis-Philippe is highly versatile, has an unparalleled analytical sense, and is known for his macroeconomic and strategic vision. He is a positive leader who guides managers, so they can maximize profitability and grow through planning and performance improvement.

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